What do you think are the biggest challenges of this job?

If you have previous work experience and can think of a work-related answer, I recommend that you do so. Coming from a smaller company with a startup feel, perhaps adapting to the culture of a large corporation can be a bit difficult. However, I have moved to another country several times and I know that I am quite adaptable. I'll have to observe and learn how the systems work, and then pick up the pace.

Both types of responses can be powerful and effective in the right scenario, if you overcome a challenge that demonstrates positive traits and life skills to the employer. If you've done something like this successfully, it can be an excellent answer to any question about a work-related challenge you've faced. While a challenge in your personal life may not be as relevant to the work you will do in a company, it can undoubtedly turn into an emotional and impressive story. However, it is possible to give excellent answers to this question in an interview by also talking about a personal life challenge.

Respond enthusiastically about the parts of the job that won't be challenging, perhaps focusing on the skills you enjoy using, even if you're skilled and experienced with them. While the employer may start by asking about the most challenging aspect of the job, they can continue to ask about other parts of the job that would be relatively easy for them to carry out. Employers will ask you about an obstacle or challenge you have overcome, or about your biggest challenge, to ensure that you are comfortable facing adversity. The experience taught me a lot in terms of communication and problem solving, and I think that I am even better prepared for the next problem or challenge that I will face, since I overcame that previous obstacle even though I felt hopeless at first.

When they ask you a question in the interview about a challenge you've overcome, some examples are likely to come to mind. So take the time to first understand the question, make sure you know what the interviewer wants, and then share an important challenge you overcame and how you did it. Next, I'll share why employers ask interview questions about challenges and how to give a successful answer, with examples of complete answers. Whether it's in your career, your studies, or your personal life, if you've planned an important and complex event and faced challenges along the way, this could be a good story to share in the interview.

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