Describe how your experience has prepared and equipped to excel in any role?

You can't explain why your previous experience is relevant to an employer's job if you don't first understand the position and the skills the employer wants to acquire. In almost every case and interview, relevant experience is an advantage, although it is rarely the decisive factor. There are a couple of issues that employers are most concerned about in a job interview, and none are more important than your past experience and how that will benefit you in your position. If you find a skill that you possess and that you don't have much experience with in the workplace, a personal story can work just as well.

If you give a clear and honest answer following the steps above, highlight your most recent experiences that show that you are qualified, and mention specific professional achievements when possible, you'll get good results on this interview question and have the best chance of being hired. Relevant experience is one of the main characteristics an interviewer will look for and can often be the deciding factor in an interview. So, with any interview question about the relevant experience, try to remain confident and do the best you can with your answer, without worrying about what experience other candidates may or may not have. Employers always want someone who can get up to speed quickly, learn the job and have a chance of succeeding, so that's what you should aim for when answering the interview, whether that experience occurs in the classroom and internships, or in work experience.

You don't need to mention all the ways in which your previous work experience is relevant to the company's next job. So make sure you're prepared to talk about your work as much as you are about your previous jobs and your professional career up to now. Researching the company and the position they're looking to fill is a good idea when preparing to answer a variety of interview questions. By giving examples of your achievements and qualifications, supporting them with real life experiences can add sincerity to your answers and help the interviewer fully understand it.

Here are some examples of how I see that my previous experience is a benefit in this position for which they are hiring.

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