What are the 3 things do you need at a job interview?

Bring a pen, 3 copies of your resume and a list of references to the interview. If you want, bring a folder or briefcase, a pack of chewing gum, and a list of questions to the interviewer. It may be difficult to access the online version of your resume during the interview. If you need to reference your own, it's best to have a paper copy handy instead of trying to read it on your phone.

While you're at it, bring some additional hard copies printed on nice paper that isn't stained or wrinkled. Sometimes, interviewers ask you for a copy of your resume. Having one handy “shows that you're prepared and have taken another step to print it, which means that you really want the job,” explains Olga Eippert, director of personnel operations at Forage. Instructions on your phone are a good idea, but consider having a printed copy just in case.

You never know when you might have a bad mobile connection or if something happens to your phone. In addition, find out several routes and methods to get to the interview in case your main plan doesn't work. Some buildings and offices have strict visitor policies. You may need to show your identification to prove that you are “on the list”.

This item falls into the “maybe” category. Depending on how far you're going to walk and the time of year, you might want to store your interview shoes in your bag and wear more comfortable or weather-appropriate shoes to get to and from the interview. While you won't need multiple copies to share with the interviewer, have at least one paper copy of your resume for the virtual interview. Why? First of all, if you don't have multiple screens and you need to check your resume, you'll have to switch between different tabs.

While that happens in virtual meetings, it can seem like you're not prepared during an interview. Second, you never know when technology will fail. If that happens, a hard copy of your resume will save your day. It wouldn't look very good if you couldn't provide additional copies of your resume under such circumstances.

The hiring manager might also ask you to leave some copies for the human resources staff at the end. It's a good idea to print out five additional copies of your resume and carry them in a presentation folder on the day of the interview. References should be people who can attest to their professional skills, work experience and achievements. You can also consider any volunteering activities you've participated in.

Community leaders who can talk about their work ethic are also great options. As in the previous point, be sure to bring five additional copies of your reference list if you need them. If they don't ask for your references during the interview, you can ask if you need them at the end. Read on to learn what documents are required for the job interview, plus other important things to remember.

Being prepared with the right documentation for your job interview will help you calm down and focus on what's most important: showing potential employers why they should hire you in the first place. Once you have prepared the necessary documents for your job interview, you must decide how you are going to organize and carry them in an orderly manner. Bring your driver's license to the job interview, even if you're not going to drive to the place. When an employer asks you what you're looking for in a job, they're not necessarily looking for a particular answer.

You can practice answering interview questions by industry or job function, record yourself and use their self-assessment tool, or share any video with a mentor to give you feedback.

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