How would you handle a situation where you had to work with a difficult customer or client?

Preparing for Situational Interview Questions Situational interview questions are asked in a job interview to give the hiring manager an idea. Here are some key points to include when describing how you would treat a difficult client, in order to demonstrate a professional approach. These questions are designed to analyze how you have behaved and handled situations in the past using real life scenarios and results and, due to their personal nature, can take us by surprise if we are not prepared for them. As you can see in these sample answers, it's important to analyze a specific situation in which you were able to effectively overcome a problem.

This is a type of situational question, meaning that the interviewer wants you to describe a specific event or situation that you have faced in the past. Answering the question “Tell me a situation where you had to deal with a difficult customer and how you handled it.” This is a situational behavioral question and is designed to assess your ability to think quickly and offer a solution to a problem, even when you're under pressure. Learning to respond to difficult customers is an important step for any business owner, especially those who work in the customer service industry. It's important to choose a situation that highlights your ability to stay calm under pressure and to work well as part of a team.

While some of these reasons are justified and others are not so justified, a prospective employer wants to know that they can resolve a tense situation with a customer in a way that is satisfactory to everyone. If you've never really had the experience of dealing with a difficult customer, then you can choose to talk about a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation, even if it wasn't related to the customer. Since an unruly customer can be a negative recommendation, assume that they will repeat the conversation with other potential customers; this way of thinking can help you do everything possible to address their concerns in a calm manner. When answering interview questions about how you handle difficult customers, remember to emphasize your ability to remain calm and collected in the face of pressure, and the importance of keeping customer service a priority.

As a member of the cabin crew, you'll have to deal with a wide range of customer inquiries and complaints, so it's important that you can demonstrate that you have the skills needed to resolve issues effectively. In preparing for this question, it is important to think about a case in which you were able to successfully dispel a tense situation. How you and your employees respond to a difficult customer depends on the situation, so you should be familiar with a number of challenging customer situations, as well as the best ways to respond to each of them.

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